Health Insurance

Why Do I need Health Insurance?

Individuals: Increasingly, individuals are expected to pay higher health care costs with government cut backs.  Even if you are over 65 the government does not cover all prescription drugs. If you are self employed, retired, or not on a group plan, having a personal plan is a good idea.

Group Benefits: Employers that want to retain and attract good employees will want to have a comprehensive benefit plan that includes coverage for health, vision, paramedicals, dental, emergency travel, and more.

Individual and Corporate Plans

  • Self Employed

    A benefit plan can be set up for as little as one business owner. The premiums may be tax deductible.

  • Retired

    There are a variety of plans available to retirees including guaranteed issue plans.

  • Corporate/Group Benefits

    I work with various insurance carriers in Ontario to provide comprehensive corporate benefit plans.

  • No Coverage Through Work

    If you have lost coverage or work for an employer that does not offer coverage, you can apply for a personal health plan.

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